Thursday, May 30, 2013

What?! I'm not dead!! Here I am.

Cheesy title, but true. I'm not dead. No, I've been busy/procrastinating/trying-to-find-time-to-read/enjoying life. A lot I know, and who knows if you'll actually read this, but here's what's been going down in my life:

Scholarship after scholarship after scholarship. Completely boring but I needed to do it. Why? Who wants to pay full tuition for college? It's expensive. Anyway, most you know by know it took most of my time. It sucked, but it was true. And because I'm a horrible procrastinator, I took more time than needed to finish them. And not to mention all the homework I got from my teachers, especially my English teacher. I love her, but book after book after book and I had no time for myself. UGH!!! And not to mention that my school musical crew was just starting practice, and for once I got a role that had more than two lines. Sure, I probably could of had more one-liners before, but I didn't want the stress. But this year was senior year, so I went all out. But it was frustrating. And I will not tell you all the details of finding a dress for prom. Sure, I found the one, but making sure it was the right fit was a hassle.


Well, I turned in all of the crap I had for scholarships. It was such a big relief for me not to have all that crap on my shoulders. But then the musical was coming up. I knew my lines, but I was nervous. But it all went over great. I did a great job and everyone else did, despite the drama between a lot of the crew members. But of course, this was my priority for the month, so--no reading. I know, I'm bad. And then I had Spring Break. Spring Break my family and I went down to Branson, MO. Loved it! Did I do a lot of reading? Hell yeah I did! Of what? I finished the Harry Potter series. LOVED THEM!!! But I'm sorry to say that I did start Beautiful Creatures #1, but 1) it was somewhat hard to get into because of all the repetition of certain things and the reviews I've read about it. Reviews that compared it to Twilight, which I really don't have a bond with like I used to when I first read it. And 2) I got The Clockwork Princess and I started to read that. :D


I had one month to go. One month before sweet freedom of high school was in my grasp. But what sucked was that 1) I'm not the best speech giver, and 2) I was valedictorian and had to give the speech. The speech was so hard to write. It wasn't until the very end did I have it fully finished and memorized. God it was hard. My principal had to approve it and make sure it was a good speech and nagged me every day to see if was done. I was so relieved when it was. But it was my top priority, so not much reading. But I will say that I still bought and received books (which I will show you later) and I got half way through The Clockwork Princess (which I just finished prior to writing this post). It was a crazy month.


1) I was getting senioritis and was procastinating on every thing. 2) I has kind of freaking out over my AP tests (which I probably didn't do well on). 3) I was freaking out over my speech. I was so relieved when I gave it to everyone when I graduated. It felt amazing that I got through high school. Of course, then I had parties to go to and my own to help out with. Not to mention I went back to work and I still had to get up to drive my sister to school. It sucked.

June, July, and August:

What's up for the summer? Well, since I hopefully will have a bit more free time, I plan on reading a lot (otherwise my mother will kill me with all the books I have yet to read sitting in my room) and reviewing and holding a few giveaways. I have three posts I have yet to put up that I've never gotten around and have missed the due dates for them. I'm sorry about that. I need to finish thank you notes to people. I have a few people to email about books that I have received from them and to email a few saying I can't review their book due to my busy life and the books I already have to read. I also need to clean out my computer. I have a billion book covers that I wanted to show you guys, but I decided not to and I need to find them on Goodreads to clean them out my of computer. Not to mention all the college stuff I will need to do.

Life is CRAZY!!!
What's up next for Reading in Paradise?
1) I hope to do a major post of all the books I've gotten over these last four months and thank the people whom I gotten them from.
2) I have reviews for the last three Harry Potter books, Of Triton (Of Poesidon #2), The Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3), Ocean Breeze novels #1-2 (by Sherryl Woods), Once Upon a Prince (Royal Weddings #1), and a few Entangled Publishing Bliss books to write and post.
3) Because of my lack of blogging, I hope to redo my Sandcastle Store and host a major giveaway for some of the books on there. Note, I'm going to college soon, so it won't be extremely over the top. I need to save money for college and hopefully a new laptop. And those two things are expensive.
So there you have it. I hope I can be a better blogger this summer. I hope to kick back and read and have fun with my friends. I have no clue what college will be like and if I'll be able to post a lot during it, but I know I hope to keep reading.
Thank you all!
Until Next Time!