About Me

(This is not really me, just a picture of a girl that goes great with my blog, and I wish was me.)

Hey guys. Tayte's my name. Better known as the girl behind this awesome blog. Anyway, a little about me.

When I first started Reading in Paradise, my only goal was to win giveaways for more books. I love to read, and if you were obsessed with it as much as I am, you would do anything just to get a book you don't have to pay for. But soon I started to like putting down my thoughts online and sharing them with everyone. And BAM! I started book blogging. :D

I've been reading my entire life. Third grade was when I made it a goal to try to read all of the Magic Tree House books. I haven't because I started reading YA books instead, but maybe some day.

When I'm not reading, I can be found at work, writing, sleeping, eating, traveling, entering giveaways, or working on homework. 

I owe all of this to my friend Noemi, because if not for her, I wouldn't have gotten into YA books and blogging and stuff. Or winning my first book, which was The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa.

Someday I hope to go to BEA and ALA Summer and other book signings. Once I have enough money, of course. I'd love to see the world. One of my goals in life is to see it all. And to finish one of the books I've started. One day, I hope to be a best selling author.

Odd Fact: I say I'm the Twitter Contest Queen. Why? Because basically every post on Twitter is a giveaway. I don't do what-am-i-doing tweets much or wall posts on FB. I used to, but now it's only contests.  Actually, once in a blue moon I will. Head over to @Tayte5 to enter some good contests. There's always one there!

That's all. :D

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