Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where have I been for last two months

Well, if you guys read my last post, you would have read that I have been crazy busy with senior stuff and scholarships. Well, I have been. And more.

1) Scholarships. They are tough to write and horrible to fill out. Start early, or you'll be stressing out to the max on them. I've been so busy making sure all of them are perfect that I really didn't have time for my blog.

2) Senior stuff. As in, school. Senior year isn't that bad homework wise except for English. I have constant English homework. Many to read and read and read. And not the books I love to read, no. Books like Frankenstein, Beloved, and The Bluest Eye. And then the papers that go along with them. Arg! The only good thing about reading all these books is that I don't get tests over them. But what sucks is that I have yet to review two books I have and to finish any of the books I've started.

3) The Musical. This month and last has been centered around the musical as well as scholarships. I got a lead role this year, and I have yet to memorize my lines in full. It's been stressful.

4) Drama. February wasn't the month of love for several of my friends. Three of them broke up with their significant other, and the drama from the break ups affected every one of my friends. One of them in particular affected me, since I'm going with one of the breakupee's ex to prom, but the ex is my best friend.......yeah.

5) Stress. Because of all this stress from all of the problems listed, I haven't been getting much sleep, and I haven't got to read at all. It's horrible. With all this stress, I'm been wanting to shot myself just to make it all stop. I didn't really do it. Don't plan to. Just have that feeling of "WHEN WILL IT BE OVER!!!"

But guess what?! I have only one scholarship left, and it will be easy to write; thus, more time to write posts! :D Yeah me.

So, I hope to start blogging more in April (not this month, I have Spring Break and the musical this week.) So, plan for some awesome posts!

And like the new look? Tynga from Tynga's Reviews created it for me after I won her giveaway. :D

Thank you!



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