Friday, June 10, 2016

So...yeah, time to face the facts...

Originally when I started this blog, it was for my own selfish benefits of just wanting an extra entry in different giveaways. Well, now I rarely see that option, so oh well.

But it's time to fact facts. I'm an awful blogger. I haven't "blogged" anything since September 2015. Why? Freaking school. Freaking college. I know I'm getting a good education (hopefully) and will get a job afterwards that will not only allow me to pay back my debt, but also earn me enough money to travel. What sucks is it takes up most of my time.

"Well, if you didn't watch so much TV (mostly YouTube) while you did your work, you could read more." The words of my best friend. First off, I don't watch that much, especially compared to her. Second, I have a crap more stuff to do than her. Yeah, I probably should unsubscribe from a few of the blogs I follow to lessen my email load, but that would take FOREVER!!

College sucks. "Do fun stuff." Well, it's hard to do when teachers weigh you down with a load of books. And then work on top of it. Believe me, I managed to balance it all. I just wish I could have a job where all I did was read. (Yes, I could be an editor, but I'm pretty sure getting an English degree would land me in a grave, thanks to my best friend. Not kidding.)

Okay, college doesn't suck. This past semester did. Yes, I did find some time to read, but not as much as I wanted to. *Sigh* Well, it could be worse.

If anyone is actually reading this, well, I have to say. my blogging sucks, and while I do not want to shut it down forever and ever, I will say I probably will never post regular posts until I get my life and schooling done, which is in about five years probably. Ugh!

I will say this, when I do get to read, let alone find some motivation to write anything, it feels better than anything in the world.


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