Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divergent Movie Cast----casted by me!

Okay, so we all know this book is going to be a movie. Who wouldn't know? And how couldn't it? It's one of the best books out there. :D And with Insurgent coming up, who knows when we'll start hearing hints about cast members. Gosh, I'm so excited!

Anyway, so as a member of the Street Team for #TeamDauntless, it was my Challenge this week to do a post on 1) my own cast of the Divergent characters 2)books Dauntless people should read 3) movies Dauntless people should watch.
Obviously, I picked #1.

Here we are!

File:Dakota Fanning cropped 2009.jpg
These two I picked because of roles they've played previously. Like Anna in Race to Witch Mountain and Dakota in Twilight Saga: New Moon. Both somewhat kick-butt movies.


Luke Bilyk
Luke Bilyk is from Degrassi, and in previous season he was a in ultimate fighting, making the physical aspect of Four down to a T. Plus he's hot. Same for Drew Roy. Cameron Bright I'm not too familiar with; I just picked him because I bet he could pull off Four's look.


Originally, I had Emily Osment, but then I forgot that Christina is darker. And the only person I could think of is Keke Palmer. I think she'd be good at being mean.


Most of the movies I've seen Jake Abel in he's the main antagonist. Why not Eric?


Both wer mean in The Hunger Games. They'd be perfect.


Just look at him. He's nice. Already in a kick-butt movie. What more?

I chose him not because I'm being racist. I chose him because I think that he would be good at playing Albert. Plus, I can't think of anyone else who would do better.


Did you NOT see how this girl was in The Hunger Games? She was a b****! Perfect huh?


Don't know what drew me to J.T. Austin. Maybe it was that I recently watched him in a movie and he was kinda mean.


I look at Lily Collins as a more innocent character. It's going to be different to see her in Mirror Mirror as a princess that fight with a sword.

Well, there you have it. None of my characters were based on looks, just talent. I really hope we get word on a movie soon.

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  1. I think Christina should be black , Molly thicker , and al should be taller and more sensitive looking

  2. I swear in half the book veronica described how black christina was. Like whenever she even mentioned christina she mentioned her dark skin. But yet you still missed it -.-'

    1. Sorry! I guess I missed that detail. :(