Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tattoos of the Dauntless

So, this week's assignment has five options.

Tell us WHY you are Dauntless.
Show us pictures that remind you of Dauntless.
Show some Dauntless tattoo ideas.
Skills needed to be a good Dauntless member.
What would be part of a Dauntless workout.

Well, I chose to do the tattoos.

I based my choices on what characteristics I think a Dauntless member should have.

Courage: to stand for yourself and your faction. To have the courage to fight.

Loyalty: standing by your faction no matter what.

Bravery: standing tall in the face of danger
Fearless: having fears and able to stand and face them

And last but not least!

What good member wouldn't have this symbol?

So, there are my tattoos. Each one representing something that Dauntless is.

And thanks goes out to all the great artists that drew these awesome tattoos. Most of these pictures were taken from other blogs or We Heart It at the time, so names weren't there, but thanks does go to Emily Miller Hernodale, who I believe hinted to me in the comments that she drew the awesome lion above. So thank you to her.


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  1. Hey!
    I think it would be real dauntless of you to give credit to the artists. One of the artists I know, (who drew the rampant lion) drew it specifically for the commissioner, and does not want it being thrown to the winds of the internet. I just think she would appreciate it if you asked her first.
    A fellow Dauntless faction member

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