Sunday, January 6, 2013

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #34

KTBWOS is a meme to bring you multiple giveaways all in one post!
Here's this week's giveaways:
(Found this button online from another blogger. Button is from when TSS was on Blogger)
For her giveaway, she's giving away to three US winners a box of ARCs.
Awesome huh?
And this is all for the new year.
To enter, click below:
1) Actually check out the site.
2) In celebration of the site, she's having an epic giveaway
For it, she's giving away 4 packs of books to four US winners and $25 worth of books from TBD to an INT winner. Doesn't that scream awesome?
To enter, click below:
Ah, another giveaway from Annabelle from Sparkles and Lightning.
This time for the New Year.
So, here's the giveaway:
Thirteen lucky winners, US or INT, will get their choice of 2013 released book.
Awesome huh?
To enter, click below:
So if you haven't seen this button around yet, you are under a rock.
Anyway, this event is all about getting YA tours to your town.
I'm not trying here. If that happened, it would be the saddest event ever since I only know of five people who like YA.
But for this event, the hosts are giving away:
All the books are signed.
More info can be found here:
and to enter the contest, go here or anywhere else you see it:

Happy Blogoversary to A Reading Daydream!
For her giveaway, she's giving away up to $11 book of choice from TBD to an INT winner.
To enter, click below:
To ring in the new year, Falling For YA is having an awesome giveaway.
The giveaway is this:
$10 Amazon GC
To enter, click below:
Lindsay Cummings
Lindsay, the new YA author of The Murder Complex, is having a 2013 New Year Giveaway.
In her giveaway, she's giving away:
1) ARC of FRAGMENTS by Dan Wells (sequel to Partials)
2) ARC of REQUIEM by Lauren Oliver
3) Critique of 3 chapters + query letter from my agent, Louise Fury (if my book reaches 3k shelves on Goodreads)
4) ARC of Everbound by Brodi Ashton
5) pack of MURDER COMPLEX bookmarks
6) Pre-Order of the final DIVERGENT book! (I will pre-order it for you when it goes up online!)
Yeah, I want this. I want it all.
So to enter, click below. There's already over 12,000 entries.
That is all.
Until Next Time!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome giveaways with us. I hadn't heard of a couple of them, so now I'm really looking forward to entering.

    I'm also having 3 giveaways over at my blog right now, if you'd like to take a look :)