Friday, June 15, 2012

Giveaway Alert! HarperTeen SPF #9 Summer Reads


Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, I'm not hosting one myself. Wish I was, but I'm not that popular in the blogging world as I wish I was. But I do love helping out.

So, everyone should know by now that HarperTeen is having this big Summer giveaway titled SPF #9 Sun-Proof Fiction Giveaway. And 9 other blogs (I've entered a few. Not all) are being aloud to giveaway a set of their own to whoever wins them.
One of them is:

(No official blog button)

Anyway, she too is holding a giveaway for the one of the 9 books to one lucky winner. Yeah, it sucks that it's not all of them, but at least you could get one. :D

So head on over.

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