Thursday, November 8, 2012

Celebrate Books: Why I Love YA Books

Why I Love YA Books
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Why do I love YA? Why? Hmm.....I think I love YA because I'm a dreamer and love a good story. I love reading a story and pretending I"m the main character and that I'm an awesome kickass character. That I'm better than my real life self. Not to say that I don't love me and myself, there are soem things that I wish I could change, but with YA, life's more excitng within all those white pages. Life in rural, small town Savanna is boring. Well, not totally boring, but not overly exciting. Fighting bad guys with awesome skills is a lot more exciting than going out on the river or working.
Plus, I'm an isprinig author. I like to write, and reading YA is a great way for me to come up with ideas. Writing won't be my full time career, but just a nice hobby on the side. but yeah, YA helps me write my stories. I hope one day to see my name next to New York Bestselling Author and my book in all my favorite stores. WAL-MART!
Also, I like a good story. Stories expand my imagination to beyond what I could normally come up with. Stories, or books in general, are escapes to some place new. Come on, who is going to visit every place on Earth besides a billionaire? No one. Stories are way for me to explore the places that I'll probably never get to see in my entire life. That the places that may or may not exist. You never know.
Last thing: I'm a romantic. I love happy endings. Cliffhangers and I don't mix. In books, I can get those happy endigns I love much sooner until I get my own, and in YA there's always the hot hero everyone falls for. The dreamy guys are always in the books. :D
That's why I love YA books.
Why do you though? What's the reason behind the love you feel for YA?
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