Thursday, November 1, 2012

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #32

KTBWOS is a meme that brings giveaways happening in the blogosphere to the bloggers and readers of the world. Plus, it's an easy way to get the bonus point "Blog About it" out of the way in a cute little meme. :D
Here's this week's.
Congratulations to Montana from The Book Belles! She's reached 1000 Followers! (Wish I could)
For this awesome giveaway, one international winner will win a prize pack of their choice that she has listed in the giveaway.
To enter, click below:
We've all seen this awesome cover by now, right? Well, our friend Shannon over at YAtopia is giving it away in honor of it's cover reveal. Not an ARC, just a pre-order.
Awesome huh?
(Oddly, I don't remember anyone creating this cover for the contest they were having for it.)
To enter, click below:
or here:
Young Readers
Wow, seems like everyone is hitting 1000 these days. :D Anyway, congrats go to Kadbury (I think that's the name) on reaching 1000 followers. For this awesome giveaway, one winner, international, will win one book up to $10 from TBD. That includes pre-orders I believe.
To enter, click the button to the right or right below.
Sparkles and Lightning
For this giveaway by Annabelle, she's giving away a mysterious box of books she's collected over the air. What's in it? I don't know, but I entered anyway!
To enter yourself, click below:
Great Imaginations
Instead of 100,000 followers, it's pageviews! Kara from Great Imaginations has reached 100,000 pageviews. Wow. To celebrate, she's giving away:
1) Three of her favorite books
2) If she gets 1000 entries, she'll add a $15 giftcard to any online bookstore
3) For ever 500 entries after 1000, she'll add another book.
So, to enter this fabulous giveaway, click below:
For this awesome giveaway, Erleen is celebrating her 20th birthday and her 6th month blogoversary. Congrats to her!
For this giveaway, one lucky international winner will get $15 worth of books of your choice.
To enter, click the button on the right or below:
Wow, that's a lot.
Until Next Time!


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