Saturday, November 10, 2012

Giveaway Alert w/ Sparkles and Lightning (Part 4)

Bringing new giveaways to you ASAP.
Here's this week's Sparkles and Lightning giveaway:
Day 6:
For this giveaway, three winners will have the chance to choose a YA novel + a random YA ARC from these three publishers: Tor, Penguin, and Harlequin. I love this giveaway. It's different and one of the best ones's I've ever entered.
So, to enter, click below or to the right on the button :
Day 7:
For this giveaway, Annabelle is giving away 5 giftcards to Barnes N' Noble with mystery amounts of $5 to $25. You won't know what amount you get until you redeem it or cheat and find out. :D
To enter, click below or to the right on the button:
Until the last one!


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