Monday, November 5, 2012

Giveaway Alert w/ Sparkles and Lightning

Meme for awesome new giveaways that just hit the blogosphere.
Yeah people, that's right, another giveaway from the awesome Annabelle from The Sparkles and Lightning book blog! And congrats to her; it's her one year blogoversary!
To celebrate, she's doing an entire week of fun!
For day one, one winner can win $65 worth of books from TBD. $65! Wow, that's a lot.
So, to enter, click the button to the right or click below:
And here's mine. This giveaway is a way for me to get rid of some of the books I have that I don't want or have multiple copies of. I hope to get rid of them either by this giveaway, trading, or selling them. ALL THE MONEY GOES TOWARDS MY COLLEGE FUND!
So, yeah, get over here and enter:
Well, that's it.
Until Next Time!


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