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Stained review


Author's blurb:

A swift outbreak changed Lin Matthew's world forever. A mysterious new student enrolled in Beaver High. And a popular television show brought betrayal hence endangering Lin and his friends' life. Stained is a different take of a zombie tale like no other.
Stained is for fans of Pittacus Lore's I am Number Four, Josephine Angelini's Starcrossed and Jerry Spinelli's Star Girl.

Review:  Okay, first things first: I think this is the first zombie book I've ever read. No, really. I can't remember one zombie book that I have ever read; so, going into this one was like taking my first steps as a baby. I was expecting blood and gore and guts and death.

Surprisingly, none of that was present (much).

In the book, Lin was bitten by a zombie but was able to be cured by some special pill some Scottish doctor made. He had to take the pill so he could stay normal. He and several other people had too. At school, there was designated areas just for the infected people, both in classes, on the bus, and at lunch. Probably in real life too. To determine if you were infected or not, you had special braclet you had to wear that couldn't come off.

I felt sorry for Lin. Same school but you still felt like the new kid. You're old friends won't talk to you because you're infected and you have to sit with total strangers every day for the rest of your life. What fun! Not. Fortunately for Lin, one of his old friends, Alice, still is friends with him, and he met new friends too. :D

Daniel is the new kid actually. While reading, I thought Daniel was a's the word? Sad. That's it. In the beginning, he's a loner, just moving about the world by himself. Then, when Lin and his friends make friends with him, he starts to lighten up. Especially with Alice. Now, I know what you're thinking. LOVE TRIANGLE!!! Well, in a way, yes. Except, with this one, Alice didn't know Lin liked her and Lin didn't know Daniel liked her, but Daniel knew Lin like her. Gah, idiots. I just hate it how Lin was so shy! And then the end........*shakes head*---what an idiot.

Now, where does the name of the book come in to play? Well, Stained is a TV show in the book where people affected by the attack are allowed to compete for money, but have to make it through a maze and find six silver egg type things to win the prize money. Lin and his little sister watch this show and just about everyone else in the nation. But that's not what's interesting about it. When you watch it online, there is a file in the corner that says a boy named Travis Osmore is missing and reward is $3,000,000. That' a lot for just one kid, right? Well, after reading the book and finding out why, I have to say, I dont' blame the guy looking for putting that much money on his head, though I don't think the guy should be looking for him in the first place.

Now the ending. was okay. The author left a cliffhanger. I'm not sure how he's going to do a sequel, but my guess is it has to do with the government and testing to try to cure the infected completely. Plus, a little Alice and Lin and Daniel action in there. All I know is I don't like what happened to Lin in the end. IT'S NOT FAIR! But I will be reading the sequel once it's made. :D

The book itself was an ebook, and I have to say, I did like it. Except for a few grammatical errors, it was good. If you would like to read this book, here is the author's email. Believe me, you won't be disappointed with this book.

Mike Mauthor
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Cover and Ending:
Not the best but not the worst.

I receive this book for my honest review . No due date was needed.

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  1. Great review! I love zombie books, but I hate cliffhangers. Still, this seems like an interesting take...

    1. First, love the pic of you. Mulan is AWESOME! Second, contact the author. The book is very good. :D You'll like it.