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Contemporary March #9: My Life Undecided


Okay, maybe that was a bit melodramatic, but I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit melodramatic at the moment.
Here’s the deal. My name is Brooklyn Pierce, I’m fifteen years old, and I am decisionally challenged. Seriously, I can’t remember the last good decision I made. I can remember plenty of crappy ones though. Including that party I threw when my parents were out of town that accidentally burned down a model home. Yeah, not my finest moment, for sure.
But see, that’s why I started a blog. To enlist readers to make my decisions for me. That’s right. I gave up. Threw in the towel. I let someone else be the one to decide which book I read for English. Or whether or not I accepted an invitation to join the debate team from that cute-in-a-dorky-sort-of-way guy who gave me the Heimlich Maneuver in the cafeteria. (Note to self: Chew the melon before swallowing it.) I even let them decide who I dated!
Well, it turns out there are some things in life you simply can’t choose or have chosen for you—like who you fall in love with. And now everything’s more screwed up than ever.
But don’t take my word for it, read the book and decide for yourself. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream in frustration. Or maybe that’s just me. After all, it’s my life

Review: Two words: Two days.
What does this mean? It means that's how long it took me to read this book. Would have been a day if not for school, play practice, and homework.

Why does this matter? Well, it's saying this:


A cute, funny read. Creative. This book is all and more.

Few things:

The Little Sibling Syndrome. When the little sibling feels the pressure to be perfect like the older one. In this book, it's a big deal. Here's the thing. Brooks, our main character, has an older sister, Izzie, that got perfect grades and got into Harvard. Good for her, except that Brooks is prone to bad decisions and every time she screws up, like when she burnt her mom's company's model home, she's compared to her sister. "Why can't you be like Izzie? She never did anything like this......" It happens everyday. Thank God my parents don't to my sister. The only thing they want is for her to get good grades.

The idea for making a blog where everyone votes one what you should do is a new idea, but a stupid one. I mean, I've made my mistakes, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to let someone else decide what I should do. In Brooks position, I see why she might go to this extreme, with all the bad decisions she made, but still, she just needs to talk it out. But her creating this blog made the book funny and interesting.

Not all the votes leads to bad things. Joining the debate team was one of the most smartest decisions Brooks was made to do. In more ways than you know. Reading the Grapes of Wrath was a stupid decision (again, a stupid book).

Like in most contemporaries, Brooks is just a teenager trying to get through high school. Except she's got a reputation. At two years old, she fell down an abandon mine shaft and was down there for fifty-two hours while firefighters worked to get her out. From there, she made more bad mistakes, like taking a drink of 409 cleaner. Not fun. She's been kinda in the spot light, which leads us to the bitchy 'best friend'.

Her 'best friend' Shayne, is the little rich brat of Colorado Springs. She loves the spot light. So, when Brooks is taken in because of the fire, Shayne dumps her and gets a new best friend. When Brooks is back in the spotlight after an incident at a 7-Eleven, BAM!, "I'm sorry, I was wrong to leave you like that. Can we be friends again?" Don't you hate girls like that. Well, Karma's a bitch, and it comes back to bite her in the butt. :D

Brian----my type of guy. The smart, cute nerdy type. :D
Love him!
Anyway, Brian's life is kinda like Brooks, where his dad wants him to do things his way and be like him, but he's defied him for most of his life. He's got guts, I'll tell you, but not in the girl department. It takes him a while to confront Brooks about their kiss they shared during a game of Truth or Dare. At least some things turn out good for him.

Future: It's a standalone, though I think there could be a spin-off book from it from Shayne's point a view. It would be about her struggle to find out what to do with her life now that her dad lost all his money. I think it would be a good read.


My cheeks hurt when I read this one.
      "Izzie starts blabbing the minute she steps off the plane and doesn't stop the entire ride home. Seriously, the girl can't shut up. She's like one of those creepy talking dolls........on steroids." Brooks, pg. 248

This book has cute and funny written all over it. With teenage romance and funny situtations twisted in, this book is a must read for anyone in love with contemporary.




*I won this book a long time ago. No review necessary


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I started Out for Blood already, but have been going back and forth between it. Same with ReVamped. I like both so far. I will start The Sky is Everywhere soon. :D


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