Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Next Step

    So, when I learned that Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey was free on BN, I was like "TURN ON FASTER YOU STUPID IPOD!"
Now, I'd already read the book by this point in middle school (i think). LOVED IT back then. Then I read the next one, Blood Feud, from the library a little while later and LOVED IT, and then I stopped because the next one, Out for Blood, wasn't out.
    Later, at the Border's blow out sale, I found Out for Blood and added it to my huge pile of books. I bought a lot that day. :D
    Well, after getting H.A.S., I decided to reread it. Then after debating a week on whether or not to buy it, I bought and reread Blood Feud.
    Then after My Life Undecided, I finished Out for Blood  (which I had started eariler). Now I know I wasn't reading a contemporary and I'm going to say this once and only once:


       Well, I have too many for only one month (evidenced that Februaray is over) and 2: some are more fo rsummer, so I'll read them then.
     So, taking The Next Step, Dystopian March/April will start soon with Cinder. :D


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So, to leave off, I have several reviews to write; four to be excat.
The one for The Drake Chronicles will be up soon. :D
Can't wait to enter Dystopia with you!

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