Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today's the day. VOTE FOR PERCY!

YA Sisterhood

Okay guys, VOTE FOR PERCY!

No, seriously, vote for Percy.

Patch has nothing on this guy. Patch just has his looks and attitude. He's a jerk to Nora and everyone else. Come on, what boyfriend treats his girlfriend like trash? A crappy one.

Percy doesn't. He's kind and sweet towards Annabeth. The only time he's not nice to her is probably when they are competing against each other.

Patch can fly and has super strength and speed (i think)

Percy can create hurricanes, has super strength and speed, can control water, breath underwater, create a huge earthquake, and has kickass skills with a sword. COME ON PEOPLE! I LOVE THIS BOY!

And hello! Who has the hottie that plays him in a MOVIE! Patch? HELL NO!
PERCY DOES! And it's freaking LOGAN LERMAN!!

Four #1 Divergent - Tumblr

Patch has nothing on Percy. But currently, he's in the lead. LET'S CHANGE THAT PEOPLE!


Do it here.

Keep On Reading & VOTE FOR PERCY!!!


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