Monday, July 2, 2012

YA Sisterhood's Crush Tourney Future Champion!

As most of you know, this is the Secon Annual YA-Sisterhood's Crush Tourney. Lined up are YA boys that are totally crush worthy. To my disappointment, some of my candidates didn't make it, but one did! (Actually, more than one, but this one is the one I'm really supporting!)

Yeah that's right. TEAM PERCY ALL THE WAY!!!!

I'm in love with this YA boy. Wish he was actually real, or that I was a demigod. *Sigh. Only in my dreams.

Anyway, the supponsor for this hottie is Bibliophilia, Please! She has a great deal instore for this tourney, and I plan to help her see Percy to the top (hopefully, knock on wood)

So to start out, to get some supporters, she has come up with a giveaway so ingenious that I wish I was right next to her so I could hug her.

She's giving away a pre-order of......

(Note: It comes out in October)

Yeah, I was so estatic. If you click any of my links to social networks, you can see my profile picture has changed to the Team Percy button. :D

So, get your Team Percy on and help out and enter to win this book. When the time comes to vote, don't vote for Patch, who does nothing but cause Nora frustration and is just kinda hot, but vote for Percy, who helped save the world while having the best underwater kiss with a girl that wasn't me. *Sigh.

So, get your butt over to this link and join Team Percy!!

I mean it.

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