Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Shell Full of Books #18

A Shell Full of Books is deicated to bring the bloggers and readers of the world books that have come out or are coming out and showing them off to you guys. :D
Okay, sorry I haven't been around much these past few weeks. School started and it's already crazy. Between work, school, homework, I just don't have time to read. And it sucks because I have too much to read. I'm going to try to do better, hopefully.
On to the books!
Wake (Watersong #1) by Amanda Hocking
(The first of four)
Thanks goes to Jenna from Making the Grade
Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
(Honestly, this sounds more interesting than the book I'm currently reading. I might just skip Partials and go on to this one if I can't get to half way. That or read both at the same time.)
Thanks goes to Kristi from The Story Siren and Jeanne herself.
(This one I've wanted for awhile now. I think the main character's name is stupid, but the rest of the book sounds pretty good. I've heard the good and the bad about this book.)
Thanks goes to Asher from Paranormal Indulgence'
So, what did you get this week?
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  1. OMG NERVE! I loved, loved, LOVED IT! Definitely read this NOW, u will NOT b dissapointed. :D