Saturday, September 22, 2012

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #27

KTBWOS is a fun little meme I created to show you guys what giveaways have been happening around the blogosphere. Plus, it's an easy way to get that extra "Blog about it" point out of the way.
Here's today's birds:
The Midnight Garden

Yes, we are back to The Midnight Garden.
This time, she's offering up:
the raven boys maggie stiefvater giveaway arc
Awesome huh? I think so.
So, to enter, click the link below.
I have to say, I do like her website. :D
Anyway, Mye is having a cutsom blog design giveaway.
Why? I don't know. Just because I guess.
Anyway, one blogger can win:
"-Blog Design customization with up to 3 revisions (worth over $150)
- Grab Badge
- For self-hosted WordPress and Blogger platforms only. Blogs using will not be accepted." quoted
Sound awesome, my fellow bloggers? With all that's been happening, a new look doesn't sound bad.
If you noticed, I don't exactly need a new look. I already got one.
But if I did win, I'd have her fix this pesky little problem I've been having with all the buttons on my blog. It's getting annoying.
So, good luck to all of you!
Click the link below to enter:
Until Next Time!


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