Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 Announcements: Winner and Goodbyes

Got 2 announcements for you!
Congratulations are in order.
Ana, # 155, is our winner of my Blogoversary giveaway! She's an awesome Twitter follower!
Thank you to everyone who entered. LOVE YOU ALL!
As many of you should know or will know by now, Feedburner has been acting up, and since I can't find any of my email followers' emails, I telling you guys this way that I switched over to FeedCat.
When I first learned of this problem, I checked my Feedburner and noticed that I too have lost all of my followers. The Feedburner site works, but I did a test subscription, and I still had zero, goodbye Feedburner. I don't know what's going on with Feedburner, but this post by The YA Kitten helped a bit:
"For multiple reasons, such as its Twitter and blog being abandoned and the abandonment of, it seems like FeedBurner is on the way to self-destructing. I want to be settled with a new feed service before that happens so I don't suffer as great a loss. There are a number of different sites people abandoning FeedBurner can go to, such as FeedBlitz, Rapid Feeds, Feedity, and the service I'm now using unless I decide I dislike it, Feedcat. If you're a fellow blogger considering a switch, check them all out and see what's right for you. I'm on Feedcat because it's free and offers some good options, but if you're willing to pay, the sites have some pretty good paid plans." quoted directly 
and this one from Talk Supe:
"As some of you may have already heard, Google has decided to shut down its APIs on October 20th. We're not techie folks so we're not really quite sure what APIs are but what we do know is that when we check our subscriber count on FeedBurner we are given a big fat ZERO. Seeing that ZERO people will be receiving our feeds is a very, very bad thing! This basically means that if you are a subscriber to our blog via email you will no longer be receiving our post feeds." quoted directly
Many blogs have been switching over because of all the chaos that has been happening.
I just wanted you guys to know. Please refollow by email. And it's easy to do.
This picture was taken from Talk Supe.
Right now, mine likes to hide behind anything beneath it, so, if you have difficulties, like me know.
That's all!


  1. Thank you again for choosing me as your giveaway winner, Tayte!
    So far, I think my Feedburner's intact so I think I'll wait and hopefully, it won't cause me problems (read: I'm tired and lazy) lol I've got my fingers crossed, because seriously, I think I'd throw multiple things if my email and RSS subscriber list suddenly went down to 0!!

    1. I'd do that too if I knew I wouldn't get in trouble though. It was kinda sad seeing 0, but thank God for more email subscribing sites. :D

  2. Oh wait. I just finished reading the post. *sits down for a good cry*

  3. How do I go about following by email on that thing? I'm confuzzled. And angry. And sorry for clogging your comments like this. Coming back from a college seminar to find all this jazz in your inbox doesn't result in many smiles.
    AW, now I'm just depressing. Boo.

  4. Replies
    1. Okay. Good. Had me scared that it didn't work for a sec. :D Thanks. :D

  5. Hint, hint: I couldn't do this via Feedcat, but I went back to the date I still had all my subscribers on Feedburner, downloaded a csv of the list, then I could upload it onto a Mailchimp list. So now, I'll be using a combination - RSS (lost all subscribers there) with Feedcat and email with Mailchimp (still got those) :D

    1. K. And I found out that my feedburner still works. But I'm not too trusting of it now.

    2. Yes, but I'm email subscribed to your blog and when I clicked the link to go to your newest post from the Feedburner emails (maybe, I think), it gave me all kinds of errors. So you're right not to trust it.
      Ya know, this conversation would probably have gone down much easier (and less cloggy) via email LOL!

    3. OKay. Thanks for letting me know. :D