Saturday, November 26, 2011

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #3

Isn't this pic cute?! I love it!

Anyway, on to the birds!

First we have IceyBooks
This is the book:
Sirenz (Sirenz #1)
What is it a part of? Is it a special giveaway? Blog Tour? Nope: INTERVIEW!
Head on over here: IceyBooks, and the awesome review. Then enter the sweet giveaway for the book. And if you don't know what the book is all about, here's Goodreads to help you out.

Bickering frenemies Meg and Shar are doing some serious damage at a midnight sample sale when the fashionistas find themselves arguing over a pair of shoes-with fatal consequences. One innocent bystander later, the girls are suddenly at the mercy of Hades, Lord of the Underworld himself. To make them atone for what they've done, Hades forces the teens to become special-assignment Sirens, luring to the Underworld an individual whose unholy contract is up.
Finding that delicate balance between their fashion addiction and their new part-time job in the eternal hellfire biz turns out to be harder than Meg and Shar expected, especially when an entire pantheon of Greek deities decides to get involved. Then there's the matter of the fine print in their own contracts...

Frenemies. You gotta love that word.


Maji Bookshelf
With her
Maji Bookshelf
GO MAJI! 100! I hope someday I have that much, but of course, Google says they're taking down GFC (stupid people. Oh well, Thank you for following me you 17!)
Back to what's important, the bird.
Okay, so you see up above it's a giveaway for 100 followers. One lucky winner will get one of these books for them to choose from:
I know right? So many to choose from. I want half those books. GRR! Well, on the sidebar over to the right is the link to the giveaway site.

Now, personally, I would start following both sites A.S.A.P. Why? Because they both have great reviews and fun features. So, if you haven't, get your butt over there and start following!

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