Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stupid Computer Repairman and an excerpt

Okay, more than just this post would be going up if not for my computer needing fixing. My anti-virus isn't working, and the guy we took it to is taking FOREVER to get it done. IT SUCKS!
Anyway, I'm over half way in the Iron Knight. I'm taking forever because the other day i was inspired by something from the book and I had to write it down. The scene I'm writing is taking forever to get out of my brain; thus, I haven't been able to read much. But, with Thanksgiving break and my mom NOT letting me go with her Black Friday shopping (X-mas shopping for her), I hope to have it done by this weekend. Bare with me. :D

And here's an excerpt from what I've been writing. (I bet you all thought the Stupid Computer Repairman was a book.) I think it's okay, but I would love to hear your comments on it. :D

Boyfriend? "Which sister was it?" I could feel Xander getting closer.
Cellia, we must go quickly! The guards are on my trial. Get yourself out of there and meet me back at the house!
Suddenly, I felt myself shaking. "Did you hear me?"
I shook my head. "No, sorry. I was out of my head for a moment."
He looks suspiciously at me with caution in his eyes. "Okay then. I said it was my sister Diana."
Damn it!
You could feel the shutters of the room all throughout your body. They rippled through your skin raising goosebumps along the way. Their waves touching everything.
"Your Ladyship! There's an assassin in the palace!" somewhere a guard yelled.
On the throne, the High Lady looked like she was ready to explode. She was clutching the arms of the chair so tightly that they were starting to crack from the pressure.
"FIND HIM!" she bellowed. "AND KILL HIM!"

So, what do you think?

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