Saturday, November 12, 2011

Special Someone Saturday

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Okay, I know it's not Saturday, but I decided to do this anyway. Special Someone Saturday is hosted by The Reading Fish.

This week's question is:

You were just given the wish to take one Book character out of the Book, and place them in your life....Who would be that character, and what role would they play in your life?

My choice is Puck from Iron Fey series. His role: my best friend. My best friends today I really don't see. I think that they're just my best friends because 1: we always sat by each other at lunch, and 2: because I never really talked to anyone else. In all actuality, I do have two best friends, Ben and Tanner, but Ben's too caught up in his girlfriend that I truly don't see him at all much. And I have no classes with Tanner, and he and I don't even see each other at all. In the morning before school he doesn't even come over and say Hi!
With Puck, he would make me laugh and make sure I'm having a good day. He would be a really good best friend, like he is with Meghan.

So, what about you? Who would you choose?
I love to hear comments (even though I've only gotten a few. I'm new after all.)

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  1. I have heard that the Iron Fey series is so good! It is on my Christmas list :) Im a new blogger too (and a new follower of your blog) come check out my SSS