Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Killin Two Birds with One Stone #7

KTBWOS is all about posting those giveaways all in one place.
1: So you don't have to make post after post after post.
2: People can view new giveaways all in one place

Here's this week's line up

Word Spelunking
Just like the pic says. 5 prizes, 5 winners. I have to say. This is a cool giveaway. Word Spelunking has some great books to giveaway. :D
Either click "Word Spelunking" or the link is on the side bar!

I just took this pic because it was on the post. Anyway, Joyous Reads is having: The Year End Edition giveaway. I have to say, this is AWESOME!
Here's what she is giving away.


Look at all of them. *Sigh*

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get over there now! Just click "Joyous Reads" up top and enter yourself. :D

That's all for now!

Keep On Reading!


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