Friday, December 30, 2011

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #8

KTBWOS is all about posting those giveaways all in one place.
1: So you don't have to make post after post after post.
2: People can view new giveaways all in one place

I have only one for you guys.

Here it is!

Isn't that a pretty button? I love it. Anyway, The Bookaholics have hit 500+, and for the giveaway, they are giveaway 2 prizes.

The first winner will choose a swag pack from the following:

Young Adult (YA) Swag Pack
Adult Swag Pack

Winner #2 can choose ONE (1) book of his/her choice from the list on their site. :D
There are SO many books to choose from people.

The button is on the side bar to the right, or click here, The Bookaholics, to get there too. :D


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