Thursday, December 1, 2011

Killing Two Birds with One Stone #4

So, you've all seen me do this for a while now, so, I've decided to make it a meme.
Killing Two Birds with One Stone is about this:
Don't you love when you can get an extra entry when you post about a giveaway? I do. So, the KTBWOS (Interesting, I know) is all about posting those giveaways all in one place.
1: So you don't have to make post after post after post.
2: People can view new giveaways all in one place.

So today I have a few birds to kill.

First off:

This CUTE giveaway is sponsored by My Cute Bookshelf. I just discovered this blog, but it's been around a while now. I love the background and cute banner. Anyway, she is giving away one book to one lucky winner. The button is on the side bar.

Stuck in Books
Wait, who is that? Oh, it's the blog Stuck in Books! Here, she is giving away Brightest Kind of Darkness eBook by P.T. Michelle. And part of it is that you help vote for Clary in the:
I think the button is on the side.

Refracted Light wants to reach 1000 followers! This giveaway is a bonus.
One lucky winner will win: up to $25 worth of books from the Book Depository.
Another one will win: $12 worth of books from the BD.
Last one will win: A SIGNED copy of Destined
Why are you still here? Go enter!

Wait, there's more!

What does she have?
What's in it for you? Up to $20 worth of books from the Book Depository!

The Fairytale Nerd's Gratitude Giveaway
The Fairytale Nerd. OMG, I love her name.
Anyway, what could you win?
Two winners will win a book up to $12 from the Book Depository!

Last one!
This one is sponsored by Jaime: Reading, Writing, Rambling
What could you win?

The staches I have no clue about, but they're cool.


Book Brats! What can you win?
A book up to $11 from BD or Amazon. And if she gets a lot of entries, and extra prize of an ARC of Bond Girl by Erin Duffy


Let's Talk About Books! No, seriously, let's talk about books!
Here, one lucky winner will win a book of their choice.
You pick! Isn't that exciting
Well, I've killed enought birds to feed my entire family tonight. Hope you stop at each of them!

Keep On Reading!



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